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Oh No! It’s Monday!


One-Liner of the Day: “The freshness of being evaporates under mere repetition.” -Alfred North Whitehead

We all have had a point in our lives where the things that used to be exciting and new get old and dull. If we hear a song over and over it starts to get annoying, and we no longer hear the meaning that the song is meant to portray.

Don’t allow your relationship with the Lord to turn dull and routine. A relationship with God is supposed to consistently be full of growth and change. God doesn’t change, but as we continue to get closer with the Lord, we begin to change and the relationship dynamic begins to change. 

God wants to continue to help you grow, and He wants you to sing Him a NEW song.

So what new thing is God challenging you to do? What avenue in your life does He want you to grow in?

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