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Oh No! It’s Monday!


One-Liner of the Day: “The freshness of being evaporates under mere repetition.” -Alfred North Whitehead

We all have had a point in our lives where the things that used to be exciting and new get old and dull. If we hear a song over and over it starts to get annoying, and we no longer hear the meaning that the song is meant to portray.

Don’t allow your relationship with the Lord to turn dull and routine. A relationship with God is supposed to consistently be full of growth and change. God doesn’t change, but as we continue to get closer with the Lord, we begin to change and the relationship dynamic begins to change. 

God wants to continue to help you grow, and He wants you to sing Him a NEW song.

So what new thing is God challenging you to do? What avenue in your life does He want you to grow in?

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Comfortably Chained


One Liner of the Day: “Leaning on your securities is the same thing as being chained down by them.”

Food for thought.

Sometimes we stay in our comfort zones so much that we begin to be limited by them. Where are some areas that you need to go outside of your comfort zone and let go of your earthly securities so that God can take you to a greater level of freedom? Can God use you to the greatest of your potential if you are stuck in your comfort zone?

For a personal story and a “picture from words” on this topic, read this! “Training Wheels

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One Liner of the Day: “YOLO!” (You Only Live Once)

Food for thought.

What does this phrase mean to you? Do you think that this phrase should allow you to ignore logic and caution so that you can experience life “to the fullest”? or do you think that you can still use logic and caution and get the same “effect”? How does keeping eternal life (A life after death) in mind effect this?

Comment below. What do you think?

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Thrive in Preparation


One Liner of the Day: “Enjoy today as you prepare for tomorrow.” -Eric Smith, Plan with Purpose

My roommate makes an excellent point here. Too many times we get so caught up in trying to prepare for the future, that our “now” is filled with stress and anxiety.

Prepare, but don’t freak out!

"Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." -Matthew 6:27,33-34

As you see in the scripture above, Jesus encourages us not to “freak out”, but to focus on what He wants us to do with our lives. This is a day by day process.

The way that God works with me is He shows me the next step I need to take, and not much more. I have to trust that in the end, this path that He is leading me on is right where He wants me. It is only when I take that step does the next step become clear.

So don’t worry about what tomorrow holds! Prepare for tomorrow by focusing on what God has for you to do today, because He is leading you on a path of preparation for tomorrow.

What are you freaking out about now that you need to give to God? In what areas of your life do you need to focus more on God then trying to figure out all the answers?

Food for thought.

If you would like to read more about finding your purpose, or just another really awesome and encouraging blog, Great! Because it’s right here.

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Spirit in a Turtle Shell


One Liner of the Day: “Your flesh is like a turtle shell. The spirit inside of you is what should determine what your shell does. It doesn’t work the other way around!”

Too many times we forget that our flesh, our earthly body, is only a container for our spirit. We let our worldly desires rule what we do rather than allowing our spirit to control what we do. Do you need to put your “shell” in check and let your spirit take control? What area of your life do you know of that you need to make that shift? Which areas of your life are you doing well at letting your spirit control?

Food for thought.

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Facebook or Family?

One Liner of the Day: “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Where are your priorities? Are the things that don’t really matter taking up the most of your time? Are the more important things taking a backseat to Facebook and hanging out with friends?

Priority shift. Food for thought.

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Training Wheels

The setting is a neighborhood of stucco, adobe houses with cacti on either side of the asphalt road. It’s a warm Saturday morning, and everything is peaceful in North Albuquerque, NM. Everything that is, except for my eight-year-old heart. “Today is the day!” my dad said as he brought my blue bicycle out into the driveway. “Today is the day that you are going to learn how to ride your bike without training wheels.”

I was so upset! In fact, my mom has a videotape of me crying because I did not want to try to ride my bike without my training wheels. I liked the idea of being free from them, but the thought of trying to ride my bike without them struck fear in my heart. I liked the security of my limitations, and did not want the risks that came with this new freedom…

This story is a great example of how I’ve felt in my spiritual life in the past. There are situations where God wants to take me to a deeper level of trust in Him, which means I have to give up some earthly securities. It’s hard, but so rewarding. God assures me just like my dad did years ago. “It’s ok, I will be holding you up until you can get going, and I will be right beside you the entire time.” The Lord assures us that if we trust in Him, we will soar with wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31). I heard a pastor say one time that God has to push us out of the nest (our security) in order to help us learn how to fly.

For some of us, it’s time to allow God to take our training wheels off and run beside us as we learn how to operate at a new level with Him.

I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels that day, and I now enjoy the full benefits of being free of my old limitations. So what is holding you back from that new level? What are you holding onto that is keeping you from going to that new realm of freedom and trust in God? Don’t be afraid of transition and change, it just means that God is taking you to a higher level of freedom and a deeper level of trust in Him.

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